Kent cider festival at Brogdale

We can chart the development of Turners Cider by the Brogdale Cider Festival, where we’ll be this weekend.

Two years ago I took May and Wilfred for the first time. We’d just been on holidays and I made this video when we got back from Faversham.

Last year (Teddy had come along by now) Brogdale was one of the first places we sold our bag-in-box ciders. We had 20 litres behind the Tiddly Pomme bar and I was very proud of it. Here’s me looking proud. Check out the early incarnation of the label and Turner & Co. name.


This year we have our own Turners Cider bar in the Cider Barn. I have my brothers-in-law – my brothers-in-arms – Sam and Ross helping out, which is where it all started for us. Sam and Ross and the whole family (and all the neighbours for that matter) have helped get Turners Cider to where it is now. From pressing outside in the Autumn rain, to helping out with deliveries to testing the produce, this has been a family enterprise from the start.

As for where we go next, watch this space. In the last few days I’ve spent enough money on cider equipment to buy a small house in Doncaster. Now we have to make it pay for itself.

Phil Turner