We’re all cider makers now


We’re now fully up and running in new Turners Cider digs at Little Mill Farm in Marden. Finally we have the space to make enough cider to meet demand.

Until I grow an extra set of limbs I’m reliant on my usual supply of helpers (from various professions) in the cidery including:

  • Hugh (double bassist)
  • James (fly-fishing instructor)
  • Sam (estate agent)
  • May (preservist)
  • Ross (rock star)
  • Holly (interior designer)
  • Rowan (surgeon)
  • Bob (photographer)

They’re all cider makers now.

Between now and Christmas we’ll be pressing our apples, many of which are grown organically by Peter Hall at Little Mill. We’ve got some fantastic fruit and lots of it.


We’re pretty much out of this year’s cider, but I’ve held some samples back. So if you run a pub or shop and you’re interested in a sample, or you’d like to meet us and have a look at our operation, just send me an email or give us a call on 07825 394164.

Phil Turner