2015 can only get better


What a start to the year!

First I came off my Honda on the way to see some pears. That was last weekend. Some of Redwall Lane is still in my leg and so I’m an invalid. (The pears will have to wait).

Then the following weekend some kid smashed his Merc into the back of our Audi in south London. And then sped off! He was either pissed or stoned or on the phone or didn’t know how to drive. So now May has whiplash and a buggered car.

Through all this I’m trying to make sure the cider is okay. Much of what we pressed before Christmas is fully fermented, but I’ve got some Russets and some Ida Red in full fermenting flow at the moment. The pressure 5,000 litres of fermenting juice puts on the stainless steel tank lids is so great that I need to keep a close eye on it pushing them off.

Don’t tell Health & Safety but I was up a ladder on my crutches this morning checking on the airlocks.

We’ve got a bit more pressing to do of some fruit that’s in cold store. But that will have to wait until I have two functioning legs again.


In the meantime it was fun over Christmas to get the final batch of last year’s dry cider bottled. I’ve saved these for samples to take around the pubs in the coming weeks as we start to sell in the new cider. I’ve got a killer list of all my favourite Kent and London pubs and I intend to personally visit them all with a sample in hand.

2015 is all set to get a lot better!

Phil Turner