Get us this day to Daily Bread (our newest stockist!)

Our cider, which comes in bottles

Turners is its name

Its time has come

It will be sold

In Rusthall as it is in Marden

So get us this day to Daily Bread

And ask for a cool refreshing Turners

As we forgive those who ask for a Magners

Lead us not to that temptation

Deliver us from evil

The bland and the sugary

For ever and ever



Made in Marden


It’s 50 years since the Greengrow and Hayward cider factory closed in Pattenden Lane, Marden.

In the intervening years the population of our village has been short of a decent local drink.

But, today, guess which of these delicious drinks is made in Marden?

  1. Herbert Hall sparkling wine
  2. Anno gin
  3. Turners cider

The answer, of course, is all of them.

And you can get them all at Crowhurst & Tompsett, the Marden village store.

The Harp, Charing Cross: our latest stockist

The Harp

If you live or work in London and you’ve never been to The Harp, near Charing Cross, then get down there soon because you’re in for a treat.

Not just because they now sell Turners Cider. Though, much to our delight, that is true. But because they always have a terrific range of beers on tap, from Sambrook’s to Kernel, as well as ciders, from Oliver’s to London Glider. And because you’ll always be made welcome by Sally and Sarah and Carl and all the staff there – and there are lots of them, which is welcome at 5.30pm when it’s packed and you’re thirsty.

For me, it’s less than 2 minutes to Charing Cross station and a train home to Kent, which means I can still be drinking with friends 90 seconds before I hot foot it to the platform.

Phil Turner

We’re in Heath Stores in Horsmonden

Heath Stores

You can now find bottles of Turners Cider in the fridge at Heath Stores (back of the shop, turn right, grab a bottle, stop for some Cheddar at the deli, maybe a fresh loaf, and you’ve got lunch fit for a King).

And this Saturday I’ll also be heading into the store to offer a sample of our cider to anyone who’s interested. The good folk from Davenport Vineyards and Biddenden Vineyards will be there and you can see for yourself what Kent and Sussex has to offer in local wine and cider.

I’ll be there pouring cider from about 10am. Early for some, but it will be the weekend and more fun than mowing the lawn.

Phil Turner

Turners Cider available in the Stile Bridge

Stile Bridge

Is the Stile Bridge the best pub in the Maidstone area?

Certainly CAMRA think so, awarding it their 2014 pub of the year.

It has everything I want in a pub: great beer and cider, great food and lots of live music.

It sits by the River Beult at the foot of Linton hill. I live further down the river.

Round us we don’t count our kids’ ages in years, but on whether they can walk to the Stile Bridge or not. It’s a seminal moment the day they first do it.

The Stile Bridge is our local and that’s why I’m delighted they’ve got Turners Cider behind the bar now.

Phil Turner