Turners Fine Cider Russet 2018 Single Variety 6 x 750ml bottles


This cider is a one-off. Made from an extraordinary single orchard batch of Russet apples from the sweltering summer of 2018. The hot summer meant high sugar levels in the fruit and a resulting high alcohol content in the finished cider of 10.5%.

It’s cider made in the ‘Champagne method’, like the famous sparkling wine. It’s elegantly presented in an amber Champagne bottle and finished with a traditional cork and black wire cage. Perfect as an aperitif, with cheese, or as a celebration drink.

First we fermented the Russet apple juice using a Champagne yeast. We then aged the cider in stainless steel tanks for 3 years. We fermented the cider for a second time in Champagne bottles and aged it for a further 18 months. The gas produced from fermentation in-bottle gives fine Champagne-style bubbles, and also a sediment of yeast or ‘lees’. The cider takes on some flavour notes from lying on the lees for this time.

We then riddle the bottles to collect the yeast in the neck of the bottle and disgorge the yeast so there is no sediment left in the finished cider. At this stage we add sugar to give the cider an off-dry finish, and close the bottle with a Champagne cork.

Rich honey colour.

Rich and fruity.

Complex, full-flavoured, dry and crisp. Full bodied but with delicate bubbles and mousse on the tongue.



Style: ‘Traditional Method’ Cider – Dry
ABV: 10.5% Alc.
Container: 6 x Bottles
Size: 750ml
Attributes: Gluten Free, Unfiltered, Unfined, Vegan, Vegetarian
Allergens: Sulphites