About us

Turners Cider crate

Turners Cider is a family business based in the village of Marden, in the Weald of Kent.

We make a range of craft ciders in the ‘Eastern counties’ style: that is, from only dessert and culinary apples.

All our apples are grown in and around the village, in the orchards on the south-facing ridge below the Greensand Way and in the flood basin of the River Beult.

Much of our fruit is grown organically. All of it brings a different characteristic.

We select each type of apple for its flavour. That’s why we use so many traditional varieties like Cox, Worcester, Bramley and Russet.

The apples are picked from the tree when they’re at their peak in the Autumn. We press and ferment the different apple varieties separately over the Winter months, creating a range of base ciders.

But just as every English Summer is different, so are each year’s ciders. So the best job of all comes in the Spring when we carefully taste and blend them to get the right balance of flavours.

The result is a range of clean, light and refreshing ciders with a balance of sweetness and acidity. They’re perfect for summer drinking, for thirst-quenching, as an aperitif and with many types of food.

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